Well, after several months of non-blogging, I’ve decided to resurrect this forum.  I’ve deactivated my Facebook account and have vowed not to return to that murky cesspool of pokes and invites.  I found it to be an awful waste of time, an exercise in excessive vanity and a burden, generally speaking, to coddle all of my 400-some Facebook friends and their respective feelings.  The Irvingtonian, however, has always provided me with a more satisfying channel of expression and idea sharing.

I’m trying not to tell lies these days.  It’s proven difficult in many situations, yet surprisingly easy in others.  I would be lying if I were to write that I will, from this point forward, maintain this blog with the utmost fervor and devotion.  However, I know how I can get, and I’ll probably only be with you for a short time.  C’est la vie.

How fitting, I must say, that The Irvingtonian makes its return in the month of October, the month by which the Irvington calendar seems to rotate.  Already, at my new place on University Avenue (that’s right, no longer at the Irv House), I have seen the story-loving hoards of Ghost Tourists making their way along our leafy streets, pausing at certain houses for rare glimpses into the not-so-distant past.  The Halloween Festival will soon be upon us and, with it, thousands of trick-or-treaters and a myriad of store-bought and handmade costumes.  This is the greatest time of year here in central Indiana and it is especially wonderful here in Irvington.




On a somewhat related note:
There will be a zombie parade this Wednesday afternoon in downtown Indianapolis.  If you wish to participate in the first annual IUPUI Zombie Parade-Cans for Brains Exchange, meet us at Monument Circle on Wednesday, October 28th, at 5PM.  Come dressed as a zombie and bring face paint if you have any to share.  Also, bring a canned good, as this is a canned food drive for the Julian Center.  This event is being sponsored by the Native American Student Alliance and Out Loud, two student groups at IUPUI.  The Zombie Walk will start from Monument Circle, temporarily join forces with the labor rally for housekeepers at the statehouse, and end at Democracy Plaza on the IUPUI campus.  Come one, come all!  Kids and pets are welcome!